Anti-Ageing Facial California – A Comprehensive Guide

by | Apr 1, 2024

As we all know, aging is a natural process. As we reach our mid-20s, collagen production starts to slow down. The early signs of aging are aware by most of us .. Loss of skin elasticity and tiny wrinkles, fine lines, and some dark spots appear on the skin. Look at the mirror and smile, fine aliens appear around your eyes, and you start wondering if there is a possibility to turn back your hands on time. Yes, it is possible through anti-aging facials. This term is familiar to you, but still, we dive deep into the details of why Beautymarkshop has the best aging facial in California. So, Stay Tuned

What is the term called Anti- Aging Facial

You might be familiar with the term. It is self-explanatory. An anti-aging Facial is a treatment umbrella that aims to increase the production of collagen, tighten the skin, and restore its elasticity. In most cases, the role of the facial is to promote the formation of new cells by eliminating dead skin cells, enhancing blood circulation, and increasing the speed of the nutrients. There are various types of facial treatments are available. Before proceeding further, you have to seek professional guidance. Here is an Anti-age facial treatment provided by us

Light Therapy Treatment

LED (light-emitting diode) light therapy is a treatment that treated deeply the skin’s layers to improve the skin quality and texture

Today, dermatologists commonly use this therapy to treat a range of skin issues. Skin specialists often combine LED light therapy with different treatments, such as creams, ointments, and facials, to achieve the best results. Some of the benefits of Light therapy treatment include

  • Treat acne.
  • Reduce fine lines.
  • Help with wound healing.

Rezenerate Treatment

The Rezenerate Nano Facial is a revolutionary, noninvasive treatment designed to restore vibrance and improve skin texture. The Rezenerate Wand is an exclusive cosmetic tool that helps the skin easily absorb and increases the facial’s effectiveness.

What Results You Can Expect in The Following Days

From 0 to 24 hours: From 0 to 24 hours, fine lines and wrinkles will reduce, and the face will appear round and chubbier.

Days 3-5: The dry, dead skin will begin to flake away

Days 7-10: A new healthier skin comes on the surface; a healthy glow will be present.

Days 10-14: Maximum benefits will show, and skin will look its best.

Longer-term improvements from the Rezenerate will continue to appear over the next 60-120 with firmer, tighter, healthier skin.

Hydrating Treatments

We provide the best hydrating treatments in La Jolla. Based on the latest discoveries, Sothys treatments are now a new hydrating intensive treatment. It is an absolute hydration solution with 6 stages to hydrate and round the skin, renewing its youth skin  

Key Steps of a Treatment

This treatment is designed to fulfill all your skin hydration needs, with a six-stage process. The six stages are as follows.

Stage 1: Ultra-hydration gel balm

Objective: Comfort the skin

Stage 2: Gentle scrub paste

Objective: Cleanse and smooth the skin

Stage 3: Hydrating concentrated ampoule / Nutri-replenishing elixir

Objective: Quench the skin

STAGE 4: Hydra-ceramide serum

Objective: Balance

Stage 5: Regenerating digi-esthétique® modelling cream

Objective: Boost hydration mechanisms

Stage 6: Plumping SOS mask Nutri-replenishing elixir

Objective: Intensively plump


  • 1055 boletus extract
  • Organic rowan berry peptides
  • Micro hyaluronic acid

This is the full guide to an anti-aging facial in California. For more details, you can explore our services section.

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