Waxing in La Jolla

Welcome to the Beauty Mark Store, where you may find everything you need for your beauty. We are pleased to introduce our excellent waxing services, where our highly trained aestheticians offer the most relaxing and practical waxing experience.

At Beauty Mark Shop, we recognize that, for some people, waxing can be a frightening experience. Therefore our staff goes above and beyond to make you feel at ease. Your skin will stay soft, smooth, and luminous thanks to the premium materials and methods we utilize during our waxing procedures.

So come down to the Beauty Mark Shop and see what our Waxing service is all about. Allow us to make you feel stunning and self-assured from With the most prosperous and individualized waxing experience imaginable, our Waxing service is created to meet your every requirement. Whether you want a full-body wax or just a quick touch-up, we can help.



So come down to the Beauty Mark Shop and see what our Waxing service is all about. Allow us to make you feel stunning and self-assured from head to toe.

With our customized Waxing service, experience the best waxing available at Beauty Mark Shop. This opulent service provides a comfortable and efficient waxing experience tailored to your unique needs, whether you require a full-body wax or a quick touch-up using high-quality tools and procedures. Your skin will feel soft, smooth, and gorgeous since our team ensures that every client receives the best care and respect. Learn the advantages of Waxing and see firsthand how we can leave you feeling radiant and self-assured from head to toe. Call the Beauty Mark Shop right away to make an appointment.

Our Approach to Waxing

We take great delight in how we approach waxing at Beauty Mark Shop. We believe in employing high-quality materials and procedures for the most convenient and effective waxing experience. Whether a FACIAL or BODY wax, aestheticians practically go above and beyond to ensure each client is relaxed and at peace during the waxing process

In addition to waxing, we also provide a selection of ANTI-AGE procedures, such as PEELS, to assist clients in keeping a youthful and radiant appearance. Our staff is aware of the personal nature of waxing and anti-aging procedures. Therefore, we ensure that each client has a unique experience catered to their specific requirements and preferences.

Beauty Mark Shop takes excellent satisfaction in providing Waxing customers with a customized and rich waxing experience. Our skilled aestheticians use premium tools and methods to ensure customers enjoy a comfortable, stress-free waxing experience. To help our clients keep a youthful and beautiful appearance, we also provide a variety of ANTI-AGE procedures like PEELS.

We take great care to give each customer a unique experience that caters to their needs and preferences since waxing and anti-aging treatments are personal. Whether you’re interested in a FACIAL or a full-BODY wax, our team is committed to offering the most excellent standard of care and attention.

Visit Beauty Mark Shop to learn more about our innovative waxing and anti-aging treatment approach. We want to make you feel attractive on the inside and out. Schedule an appointment right away to see the difference for yourself.

Facial wax

Brow Shaping
$ 20
$ 15
$ 15
Side of face
$ 15
$ 25
Between brows
$ 5
Brow tint
Full face
$ 75

Body wax

$ 80 and up
$ 60 and up
Legs full
$ 100
Legs half
$ 65
$ 60 and up
Arms half
$ 40 and up
$ 20 and up
$ 25
$ 35
$ 45
$ 30
$ 20
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