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Beauty Mark is standing out in the cosmetic industry with the vision of providing a pleasant world. By offering services for men and women who believe skin care treatments are vital for their well-being and health. We at Beauty Mark are here to join your journey of serenity and relaxation.



At Beauty Mark, we provide body cosmetic treatments such as Epilfree hair removal, Waxing menu, body slimming, and Hanakasumi (TM ) Treatment. All these body treatments concentrate on giving you the best natural result. The Epilfree hair removal treatment is the method to remove the body hair follicles from the root gradually. Epilfree is done permanently for all skin color and hair color, it cannot be achieved with laser treatment. At the same time, the other body treatment we provide is a waxing menu that removes the body hair through soft wax on a temporary basis. The other body treatment that we offer is the body slimming treatment (Sudatonic & HIFU). There are varieties of treatments through which you can maintain a perfect figure and decrease the fats in your body. The Hanakasumi (TM) Treatment is a unique style of massaging which gives nourishment and relaxation inspired by the Japanese technique that uses dual mechanical and enzymatic exfoliation.


Our Antiage treatments include infusion of active ingredients to your inner skin – thus working within to stimulate collagen production, hydrate and feed your cells .

Other treatments tone your facial muscles just as you would do for your body at the gym , we also have the most popular uninvasive treatment for face ( and body ) – Hifu.

Our treatments will boost your appearance and confidence and after you’ll try it – we promise you think – why didn’t I do that before …?



When did you last touch your skin and love the glow and smoothness? Our facial treatments are cosmetic treatments suitable for all ages and skin types. We provide unique facial treatment according to a person’s requirements and skin. The six different varieties of facial treatments such as ultimate anti-age facial, dermalogica facial menu, facials a la carte, photo light therapy, Sothy facial menu, and microcurrent treatment. All these facial treatments can make your skin look attractive and glowy. It is a method of pampering your face with extra care and touch. It gives your skin a thorough cleaning to ensure that any deep-seated dirt will be removed. It helps to easily remove blackheads, whiteheads, and acne within a few steps. It exfoliates your skin and sloughs off the dead skin cells. It helps reduce stress and anxiety as facials can relax the face, and the pressure points are handled specifically. The facial should be done regularly for healthy glowing skin with different modalities that stimulate collagen production.


We offer professional and chemical peels.

The professional peels are safe and effective if done correctly by the professional, it would give a deeper exfoliation, boost and regenerate new skin that is firmer and younger looking .most time there is no visibly peeling so you can maintain your daily routine but enjoy a better looking skin. 

The chemical peels are deeper and customize to client skin according to preference ( different peels for acne , pigmentation and firmness) 

You would visibly peel for few days , and advise to continue with specific regimen for the recovery time .

We first consult with the client to figure what peel would be best , the goal is to get the results without compromising the integrity of the skin.



We provide waxing treatment for hair removal. The procedure uses hot wax to pull out body hair and facial hair, making skin smooth and hair free. At Beauty Mark, we offer varieties of waxing treatments to our customers with the best results.

While undergoing the waxing treatment, our team of experts ensures safety and sanity. We offer waxing services to all skin types; just before it, our team prepares with a few techniques to make your skin dry and sweat-free. You can get an unmatchable smoothening skin which will make your look attractive and charming.


Epilfree hair removal treatment is an alternative to laser hair removal. The hair removal treatment works in conjunction with a regular wax routine. It inhibits and slows down the growth of unwanted body hair from the roots. Epilfree hair removal is safe and effective for all skin types. It is made up of natural ingredients such as herbs and safe synthetics paired with sugaring/waxing that help to remove the hair follicles from the germinated root. Epilfree is both for men and women and can be applied to any part of the body. From teenagers to adults, all age groups can undergo this treatment. Epilfree can be used to remove the hair follicles from your body part permanently. The only time the treatment is suggested to be prohibited is when you are suffering from skin damage or skin irritation.

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