Chemical Peels in La Jolla

Located in La Jolla, California, Beauty Mark Shop is a one stop shop for all your skin needs. We work with you to figure out your skin needs and the right peel for you. If you are looking for Chemical Peel in La Jolla, browse the different peels we offer.


MANGO BRITE RESURGACER is one option at Beauty Mark Shop. It is a mild to medium facial exfoliation with optimum results and least amount of down time. May promote mild flaking.

EXCELLENT TREATMENT FOR ADULT ACNE AND AGE MANAGEMENT Rich in Enzymes, vitamin C, Mango pulp and Orange Stem Cells. Provides your skin with essential nutrients that will plump, brighten, hydrate and transform the look of rough texture skin. 


POWER PUMPKIN RESURFACER: Advanced exfoliation treatment for age management, acne, and hyperpigmentation. Improves skin hydration, support berries function of the skin, refines appearance of wrinkles, decrease existence acne and aids in preventing new lesions, and even skin tone and lightens pigmentation.


SALICYLIC ACID RESURFACER: Excellent for acne; dissolves top layer of stratum corneum, reduces sebaceous follicle blockage, and treats/prevents acne breakouts.


peels: –   More result-oriented treatment with longer down time. Skin is likely to peel post-treatment.


  • TCA

PRIOR TO PEEL: No waxing for at least one week; no shaving 72 hours prior; no benzoyle peroxide products should be used as they can make the skin unstable.

POST PEEL: No sweating; avoid sun exposure, hot baths, getting hair color for 7-10 days. No picking or peeling, scrubbing skin (as it may cause scarring). Incorporate specific home care for balancing, healing, and maximizing results.

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If you are located in San Diego, and looking for a chemical peel in La Jolla or near by, contact us to schedule your appointment.  Our booking services are open 24/7

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