Are You Getting Proper Skin Care Therapy?

Being a skin care therapist, I often hear from first-time clients that they give themselves facials at home — but you can not expect the same results as you would get from the professional bed, using professional products and machines. As a general rule, you should get a facial every four weeks if your skin is problematic (acne needs deep cleaning and extraction), if your skin is aging and you need nourishment, or if you want to address a specific problem (such as hyperpigmentation or scars). If your skin is in good condition and you have a good skin care regiment, then you should get a facial four times a year. You should get facials as the seasons change, because  you want to re-evaluate your skin to see if there are any issues you were not previously aware of.

In a market that is saturated with professional skin care therapists, you want to find the right one. So how do you go about choosing one that is right for you? There are a few guidelines to picking a good skin care therapist. You want to get a treatment that is right for your skin and addresses your skin’s needs. You do not want the cookie cutter facial that the person before you got and the one after would surely get too.

You want your therapist to be knowledgeable, and you want to learn about your skin — the therapist should be able to identify any problems and tell you why they may be happening as well as the solutions available.

When you are in the treatment room make sure to look around. Check your therapist’s back bar (where all of their products are kept): if they have limited products, you most likely are not getting your skin care needs met properly. You want your therapist to offer more than one professional skin care line, because, realistically, one line can not address everyone’s problems.

You want results; when you leave the treatment room you want your skin to show it. You want your skin to look brighter, cleaner, softer, and nourished. Your skin’s natural glow and shine should be present. Remember, it is important to feel comfortable and to make sure you are in a neat and sanitary environment, where you can be relaxed and free of any concerns you may have.


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