Protecting Your Skin: The Scoop on Serum

Serums are concentrated formulas that address specific problems in our skin. They are typically the most expensive item in your skin regimen because of the high levels of concentration and the science behind it. They are made up of active ingredients (vitamins, peptides, etc.) and deliver them to the skin ( liposome technology delivery / time release delivery ) by targeting deeper penetration.

How do you choose the one that is right for you?

There are many kind of serums that address problems that we, the consumer, want to “fix”- for example: hydrating serum, lifting serum, collagen stimulating serum, vitamin serum, hyper pigment serum, and the list goes on. As a skin therapist, I know the value of plain water to my skin, but I know that my lifestyle would not comply with it – I like my coffee, I like my wine, and I do not like the taste of plain water – so I know my limitation and thus look to serum to solve it. I use hydrating serum as part of my daily regimen. I am trying to be proactive about my aging skin so I am also using different anti-age serums such as collagen stimulate serum, lifting serum and a blend of vitamins; I “layer” my serums one on top of the other.

Serums can be different  in “weight” – some heavier than others depending on if the product is oil or water based. If your skin is oily, you want to pick a water based serum , or you can use “heavier” serum before you go to bed – you are going to sleep so give your skin the nutrition and tools from the heavier serum, which you normally would not be able to use in the morning.

You can layer serums one on top of the other, but in doing so, start with the one that is “lighter” in weight. You do not need to use much – a few drops of one, and a little bit of another. In the long run, when you see how much time it took for you to use this “expensive” serum, you will realize the results are well worth the money spent. What is the point of using something that doesn’t work? So invest in your serum; after all it is your skin and you have many more years to let it shine.

Below is the order of a daily skin care routine :

1. Cleanser

2. Toner

3. Serums and eye creams

4. Moisteriser

5. Sun screen

Exfoliation and masques would be done weekly or twice a week depending on the product.


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